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At a landmark summit meeting convened by ILSI in 2009, innovation leaders from Europe, Asia and the Americas committed to constitute an international i20 Group. It was the first time that a group of senior innovation stakeholders drawn from leading countries and with responsibility for driving innovation in their countries met and agreed to work together. Specifically, the i20 agreed to collaborate on developing a new generation of innovation capabilities and strategies to address selected global challenges and emerging opportunities for the benefit of society. The i20 Group are committed to securing better world futures through innovation.

Complex challenges – for example designing next generation public services, reinventing education and achieving a low carbon society - require new approaches to innovation and new forms of global collaboration. Finding sustainable solutions to such seemingly intractable problems, which the literature describes as “wicked problems,” is far from an easy matter. In most cases there is no obvious "natural owner‟ of the problem and thus no effective model of stewardship.

ILSI and the i20 Group recognize that the world needs “win-win” collaborations and problem-solving partnerships spanning the public, private, NGO and community sectors worldwide. Our intention is to provide a pragmatic and useful form of innovation stewardship for global civil society. The i20 Group will step up where it feels it can make a distinctive contribution as catalyst and advocate for mobilizing cross-country and cross-sector efforts. It will serve as a platform for identifying, framing and addressing emerging agendas that are of common concern.

The i20 is also committed to develop the field of innovation itself, to bring innovation to innovation. We believe that continuing attention must be paid to next generation practices, and new approaches to innovation metrics. An annual “state of innovation” report will be one way for the i20 and ILSI to benchmark and communicate progress in the innovation field. 

We will also explore ways of creating new mechanisms for financing and recognizing innovation, and for developing a new generation of innovation-savvy leaders. Additional country thought leaders will be invited to subscribe to the i20 mission and action agenda. Since the first summit, held at CavalloPoint, California in June 2009 and a second summit in January 2011, the i20 community has grown to 39 chief innovation officers. 

If you are an innovator, a global soul, an entrepreneur. Join us in mobilizing innovation for the common good.